Clean it up! Clean it out!

Is your closet overwhelming? Amen to that. I, too, am afraid to just give away my wardrobe. I always think, "oh, I'll totally wear that next weekend" or "awww I remember when I got that top." Isn't that the hardest? I have a really cute top that I got with my dad when we went to NYC that I will not part with, even though it is falling apart and has noticeable pit stains. Gross.

This past weekend I turned off my phone, turned up the Pandora, and decided to tackle my closet. I came up with a new game plan and I literally felt like I needed to stretch before this. I decided to try on everything in my closet. Terrifying? I know. I took all my tops and threw them on with a pair of skinnies. Since thats all I'm wearing right now, if they didn't look good, they went in the Goodwill bag. I tried on every dress and if even for a second I thought, "meh", it went in the bag. Thats the thing, you have to trust yourself. If you don't like it for a second, you won't want to wear it. With the exception of the top from NYC, if it had pit stains, normal stains, holes, or rips, it went in the Goodwill bag. It actually only look me about an hour to complete my task.

I know this idea seems daunting for most, but listen to me when I say I feel amazing!!! I feel so much lighter today and so less bogged down. I dropped off 2 shopping bags of clothes at Goodwill and I drove away feeling splendid. In addition to cleaning out the vault, I was also reminded of clothes I forgot I had. I even made new outfit ideas and inspirations.

This weekend, I highly highly recommend cleaning out the scary closet. It will be an instant success!

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