Issues at the Pool...

Upon my arrival back to this glorious academic institution, I thought I would be greeted by some fresh new college ensembles. Girls in their young 20's create and demonstrate this wonderful fetish we call fashion. But oh sweet irony, sweet, sweet irony, you have punched me in the eyeballs once again. The weather is lovely right now, so of course the young co-eds have taken to the pool to drink until the ground merges with the sky and walking becomes an Olympic sport. As the girls carry their coolers full of Smirnoff Ice and impending shame, I take notice of their outfits. And as the Goddess Coco Chanel as my witness, I was nearly struck to ground upon seeing such a sight. I can only assume they were sober when they got dressed so they really have no excuse. Over their bathing suit, instead of a normal, bathing suit cover up, these young hooligans were wearing just an over sized t-shirt. GASP. So many designers make the cutest little bathing suit cover ups, and you choose a t-shirt?!?! Travesty. You don't have a cover up? No worries my young naive college girl. You can just throw on a cute jersey dress, and when you spill Gatorade and Vodka on it later, the stains will wash right out in the washing machine. So please, do me a solid, stop wearing some boy's t-shirt, because you look a bit skanky. Over and out.

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