Just in case anybody forgot...

This is a travesty to fashion and everything that is classy and good in this world. I haven't addressed this topic in a couple of weeks, so I thought everyone could use a refresher. I have a mere two weeks until I return to school, and I am dreading what I will see. Nashville has pleasantly surprised me by keeping the leggings as pants to a minimum. It has been hot as sitting on the sun here, so I think that may be the reasoning for girls folding up their leggings. The second the south gets one cold day in October, they will come back out to haunt me. So to all you culprits of the infamous crime, wearing leggings as pants, please look at this picture. This young lady is skinny and gorgeous, but the leggings are pointing to all the wrong things. You can literally see the outline of her frontal region. EW! Lord knows, that is neither classy nor fabulous. I am starting to sound like a broken record. That is my venting for the day.

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