Closet Case

So as I was reading Lauren Conrad's blog, which is surprisingly good, I came across this article. She talks about how when she went to college, she lived in the "Coco Chanel dorm." Great, good for you Lauren. I stayed in the "mold and mildew dorm." So anyways, she goes on to explain how one should organize their dorm closet. See any problems with this picture of how to organize your closet? 1. My closet was about half that size, as are most closets in freshmen dorms. I could barely fit my jeans and my sweaters. So, you're 0 and 1 Lauren. Next, 2. Who is this world, at 18, has this little clothing? 1 pair of boots? 2 belts? No jeans? No one's closet has that much extra space, and least of all, a freshman girl. So, 0 and 2 Lauren. Sorry kiddo, stick to fashion, not organization.

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