College Girl Drone Disease

Alright ladies, its time we sit down and discuss something. Its that moment when you're sat down by one of your parents and you know you did something wrong. I hope none of my readers have committed this particular crime, but if you have, stop now. Stop before I find you and give you the stink eye.

Black socks, tennis shoes, and Nike shorts. How is this ok? And why am I seeing this happen like Carly Rae Jepsen just made a song about it? Everyone stop dressing like everyone else! Especially when everyone else is dressing like a sloppy fake athlete.

I wish I had a picture of this to explain how utterly stupid it is. I figured taking a picture of someone with out them knowing and then bashing them on the Internet, to some, may be considered rude. You know what's rude? Making me look at your heinous outfit. Do the world a solid: If you know a person affected by this cookie-cutter disease, tell your friend she looks like a college girl drone. Thats a true friend. 

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