You're Confused.

It's September now, and I feel like I should start off the month by addressing a serious issue affecting our children. It's going to be getting a bit chilly at night soon, which makes me very excited that fall is coming. When I get excited about fall coming, I pull out my warm, comfy sweaters and hang up all my scarves. But there are some girls in this world, who when overly excited about fall coming, seem to just get downright confused. Honey, how does Nike shorts with Uggs makes sense? It doesn't. Either wear your shorts with tennis shoes and go to the gym, or wear your Uggs with jeans and stay inside. Those are your two options.

I know what you're going to say, "But Zoe, you promote boots and shorts!" Yes children, I do promote the wearing of boots and shorts, but obviously in a way more classy manner than Uggs and Norts. Let us take to the pictures to see the difference....

Ugg boots with shorts.


Case Closed.

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