The Grinch of Halloween


Here come my fashion rants. Halloween is traditionally seen as the holiday where young children get to dress us for the night and trick-or-treat for candy. When you're in college, Halloween is when girls wear extremely slutty outfits and trick-or-treat for drunken hook ups. It is an embarrassment to my gender. I have never seen such little fabric on a person. Just because you dressed up as a child, does not mean you should wear the same size costume this year. This holiday is seen as an excuse for girls to literally dress as slutty as they want, and not get judged. Oh dear, dear, sweet darlings, how wrong you are. I am always judging you. This past weekend when I went to some Halloween parties, my friend and I were actually pleasantly surprised to see one other girl wearing a suitable costume for public. Its terrible that we only saw one costume that a girl could wear in front of her grandmother. Sometimes I wish it was socially acceptable to slap people in public because of their outfits.

I, on the other hand, went as a College Girl Clone and Rachel Zoe.

This is how I believe Rachel Zoe would play beer pong, but let's be honest, she would never.

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