America's Fashion Prodigy

On April 9th, 1963, a fashion God was born. I believe the fashion Gods above made a conscience decision to bring this clothing magician into this world and change it forever. And they named him, Marc Jacobs.

He began as a stockboy, folding sweaters and dressing mannequins at Charivari in New York City. He later went on to study at Parson's and won basically every award they give out at the school. He started working at Perry Ellis right after school and eventually was able to start his own line. In 1997, he was given the position of Creative Director at the House of Louis Vuitton. No other person could have filled those shoes. He currently runs two separate labels, his own and Louis Vuitton, and does it fantastically. In his spare time, he is amassing his collection of comical tattoos. He has a tattoo of a couch on his stomach and one of his Simpson's character on his arm.

It is so wonderful to have such a creative and amazing designer represent The Unites States. With Milan and Paris running the fashion world, we can play the Marc Jacobs card all day. He is not only America's fashion prodigy, but also infiltrating the European fashion scene as he slowly takes over the fashion world. muahaha.

Here is a little peak at MJ's Spring 2012 collection.

I die. And yes, a little reminder, he and Rachel Zoe are BFF's. Its literally a match made in Fashion Heaven. 

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