Harsh Reality of Beauty

As a girl who loves lookin fresh, smellin fine, AND animals. I have started strictly buying beauty products that don't test on animals. What was really upsetting, was how hard that has become. So many companies still test on animals, in 2012. Its so sad and disheartening to learn that so many "family" companies still test on animals. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Johnson and Johnson. Switching to animal cruelty-free products is no easy task. It is a slow process. But I do have the link that takes you to PETA's website and tells you which products are ok to buy. Also, for my Target/Walmart/CVS/Walgreens shoppers... you're safe to buy Almay, Yes to Carrots, Organix, and Palmer's. I challenge each and every one of you to switch one product a month. For May, when you run out of shampoo, try Burt's Bees. I highly recommend their shampoo. In June, when you run out of tinted moisturizer, try Stila's. I am obsessed with their tinted moisturizer and basically everything they make. If we all take steps towards not promoting animal cruelty, maybe one day there will be no more animal testing.

I know this is really hard to look at, but this is what happens. Companies put shampoos, conditioners, etc. into the eyes of bunnies to see how harmful the product is. Once the bunny can't be tested on anymore, he is killed and thrown in the trash. 

Save this website on your phone and reference it next time you are buying beauty products.


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Gracie said...

Props for promoting product lines that do NOT animal test! It's entirely unnecessary in 2012.