The J

I feel as though I need to take a moment to pay homage to one of our great American lines, J. Crew. I recently got their May catalogue in the mail and am quite impressed. To be honest, I have not ever been a "J. Crew girl" like some of my friends. I def get my shorts and tees from the J, but basics is about for me. But I got to tell ya, that is about to change. On the first page in their catalogue this May, there is a little note to the readers about the new direction the J is taking. They are referring to their catalogue now as "The Guide." They admit that style isn't easy and not everyone knows what to wear every morning, but they want to help that with their guide. They also admit not everyone buys their whole outfit at the J, and that's ok. They say it is all about the "mix"and having an element of surprise. Touche J! So very true. Its a nice breath of fresh air for a clothing company to admit that they aren't the best thing since sliced bread and that its ok to not be store specific in your clothing choices. So, already super jammed about this catalogue, I continue to look through it and am loving their spring/summer stuff! Now maybe its just because of the happy mood their note put me in (if so, fantastic marketing and you deserve my business), but I'm pretty sure I like it all because its some great pieces. And man do the people at the J know how to mix patterns and make it look stellar!

So, I pay respect to the store that is our iconic American, classic clothing company. I tip my hat to you, J. Crew

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