Bright Colors, 80's Retro, All But the Scrunchies

I am so incredibly excited about this spring and the colors that are accompanying it. Blue! Purple! Orange! Yellow! Oh my!

One of my fashion professors told me that nothing is new in fashion. Fashion trends act as a pendulum, they swing in and swing out. This seems to be the case for the 90's crop tops, bright 80's colors, big 70's sunglasses, and 60's cropped pants. The past couple of seasons have been such an awesome mesh of so many decades. This spring you can color block with your 90's crop top and 60's cropped jeans and accessorize with some fun, over sized 70's sunnies. These outfits are especially fun because you can mix all these colors and patterns and make some really awesome, unique outfits. I have never been very good at mixing patterns but I have seen it done really well. It is one of those tricky things where there is a fine line between nailing the look, and looking like you got dressed in the dark. 

So use this photo as inspiration for some really rad outfits this spring. 

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