I. Die.

Holler at all my 90's kids...remember the shrine Helga made for Arnold in the back of her closet? That is what I have for Rachel Zoe. This woman is literally my icon, hero, and the person I most stalk. Not because we share a middle name, though that would make an adorable story when she is my mentor and BFF, but mostly because of her amazing styling abilities.

If you haven't already, you need to sign up for her daily emails. They are called The Zoe Report and it is what I read in the morning while drinking my coffee. Every day, not only is the title uber catchy, but she tells you all about trends, style, and everything related to fashion. I try to soak up everything she says like a sponge to hopefully one day have an ounce of the talent that she has. I am going to try to do a post every once in a while focusing on an "RZ moment." In the meantime, stack on a cocktail ring on every finger and "shut it down" with every Rachel Zoe inspired outfit :)

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