Splurge VS. Save.... my version

College kids have about zero dollars in their bank account at given time. Thank the lord for the sale section at Urban. Pretty much every magazine, blog, and style publication tell you what to splurge on and what to save on. Personally, I think my list is better:

     - Just about the only thing you really need to splurge on is boots. Every girl should invest in one pair of really nice brown/tan boot and one pair of black boots. Both should be leather. When you buy an inexpensive pair of boots, they tend to look cheap and fall apart before you even make it downtown. I suggest a pair of Frye boots, ask for the brown for Christmas and the black for your birthday. Done.

     - Everything else. I know people are saying...what about jeans? My favorite jeans are my BDG jeans from Urban that cost maybe $50. They fit amazingly and haven't shown a bit of wear.
     - Jewelry: easy, vintage stores. They have the best and honestly, cheapest jewelry. Then you can have that bold statement jewelry that people think you spent a lot of money on, but really you spent $14 and got it in a paper bag.
     - Shoes: All other shoes can be bought at Urban, ShopRuche, ModCloth, or Karmaloop.

You really can put together a lot of awesome outfits without the "splurge" section from Glamour. When you don't know what to get or where to get it when saving money, go to Urban.... preferably the sale section :)

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