High Top Fun

I'm not one to rock tennis shoes on the reg, with the exception of my chucks, but these are about to change all of that.

heeyy, what?!?! Love. So now I'm thinking I need these. The are on Nike's website under Women's Shoes. I have seen people rock the high tops with skinnies and a white tee. I love that look. Now I've also seen people try to sport them with a dress, and that's a swing and a miss. Tennis shoes are taking over as the comfy chic shoe. Ballet flats are no longer the front runner in that category. With the revival of the late 80's and early 90's, came the return of the high tops.

I'm going to have to think about them because I could wear them to class and to run errands, but I'm not sure I would get much use out of them in the summer. But I am pleasantly surprised at how fashion forward Nike has become. They used to be solely for the actually playing of a sport, but now they are for fun! Love it.

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