Just Another Fashion Magazine

But really... its the name of my new favorite interactive magazine. For all those ipad, iphone, ipod users out there, get this magazine. Its only 99 cents and worth every penny. There is also a blog on its website for those crackberry users ;)

The editor of my new addiction is a 23 year old photographer. Yeah, at 23, she already has an awesome magazine and super chic blog. She starts off every magazine with her outfits from the week. I never thought I would say this, but she rocks a leather ball cap like nobody's business. She's got those straight across bangs and style for days.

Then she will do highlights of certain super cool photographers, who always seem to have effortless style. Then my favorite, street style!! Style stalking at its finest.

What I really love about this magazine, is that it shows outfits from girls all over the world. Its amazing how the trends permeate through the borders. You get to see new outfit ideas from girls in Poland to Japan. Lisa also finds other style bogs to check out. So thats what I will be doing the rest of the day for sure...

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