Mama Knows Best

As young darlings, our mothers taught us the 101 on dressing up for the day. Aaah....the days of wearing smock dresses and bows in our hair. Now, kids are wearing belly shirts and mini skirts to kindergarten. Mothers are texting their 6-year olds a sweet message, instead of leaving it in their lunchbox. Anyhoosalebeez, my mom taught me the basic building blocks of making outfits, and it pertains to everyone, for any event. My mom always said, "only reveal on one half." What she meant was to only wear something revealing on one half of your body, bottom or top. If you are wearing a low cut shirt, then  you should probably wear jeans. If you are wearing a short skirt, then you should probably wear a higher cut shirt. As Queen Coco Chanel said, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." I do believe that Coco would agree with my no leggings as pants theory, because that is neither classy nor fabulous. So continue on making adorable outfits! But only reveal one half :)

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