Beachy Attitude

So its almost Memorial Day weekend, and most people will be heading off to the glorious beaches. I too will be making the beach trek to relaxation city. But, before we start packing, can we be real about beach wear for a minute?

Has anyone else realized that current beach trends are incredibly unrealistic? First off, no way in hell am I going to curl my hair before stepping out into the southern, beach heat. That is going to fall and be frizzy faster than you can say "beachy chic." Secondly, everybody loves a bracelet/watch tan line. Oh wait, no they don't. To pinterest and every fashion magazine out there, NO! I am not going to wear jewelry to the beach. I don't want tan line and I don't want to lose my accessories in the sand. Now on to the second picture..... I'm sorry, what??? No one wear to this to the beach. Yes, you will look super trendy and hot. But the next day you will look ridiculous with your curvy tan lines. The only place I can think of to wear that bathing suit is to a late afternoon pool party with shading. So, if you have an event that specific, then by all means, rock that cut-out bathing suit. Otherwise, slap on a bandeau suit and call it a day. 

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