Another Fashion Epidemic... Stop the Disease!

Fellow lady college friends,

There seems to be another painful fashion epidemic happening on the college campuses. Not only are girls trying to turn leggings into pants, but, also..... trying to make running shorts and oversized t-shirts into a casual day outfit. Bad co-ed! Bad! Ladies, I know you know how to dress. I've seen you wearing really adorable outfits at other events, so why bring it down 18 notches with the running shorts? I understand we all have "rough" days, lord knows I've had then, but those days consist of jeans and a J. Crew tee. Jeans and a top take the same amount of time to put on and are just as comfortable. Are you trying to look like you just put on your boyfriend's size large tee after you got out of his bed this morning? Let's remember Coco's words... that does not qualify as classy. Are you just wearing it because everyone else is? Screw individualism. Let's just all dress alike. Noo! Fashion is about expressing yourself and being who you really want to be!

I just don't understand the epidemic!!

I am literally begging you to stop the disease. Unlike the oxygen masks on airplanes, in this scenario, help yourself, and then let's all help others. Only you can prevent bad fashion.

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