White Out

I am currently dying for some killer white jeans. I have a great pair of roll up ankle lengthers and a longer pair for fun wedges, but I am still looking for those perfect skinny white jeans. Here are my thoughts on white jeans: they are a blank canvas for to create something flattering and eye-catching elsewhere.

For example, these ladies right here are shutting in down in the white denim game. I believe you should rock some bold colors or prints when wearing the white jeans. I love the pop of pink for a casual look and the navy for a more professional look. Attention all interns! The outfit on the right is perfect for a casual friday look that still says you mean business. As always, remember to check on the undies situation before stepping foot outside. VPL's (visible panty lines) are neither classy nor fabulous. So once that's set and you have your fun button up, rock those summer jeans!

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