Shower Shoes vs. Dress Shoes

I need to make another public service announcement. There is something happening in this world that angers me beyond belief, and is such a simple concept. If you can wear the shoe in the shower, you should not wear them out in the world. Rubber flip flops should not be worn out to dinner, coffee, drinks, what have you. If you want to make a quick run to the bank or to get a pedicure, you are in the clear. That is the one errand you can run in your shower shoes. If you wear said shoes to a wedding, you will be punished in the harshest manner. Ballet flats and gladiator sandals are all the rage right now, invest in a pair.

Here, it is ok to wear rubber flip flops and makes sense. 

Here, it is not ok to wear rubber flip flops. It ruins the whole look. If she just put on some cute ballet flats, all her worries would be over. 

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