Savings in the South

No news to anyone, the fashion world is controlled by Los Angeles and New York. I, on the other hand, live in the south. The weather here is not like either one of those cities in the slightest. It humid as Hades here, with no refuge in wind or rain. As a sweltering hot, southern gal who loves fashion, June and July are the greatest months of my life. Everyone is putting their summer merchandise on sale because fall merchandise arrives in August. Well down here in the south, it will be hot until October. I will still be wearing shorts and sandals until Halloween. So these super sale shorts from Urban Outfitters will last me many months to come. Thank you retail!

To all my other southern belles, follow my lead. If you're trying to pinch a penny, wait and buy your spring/summer swag until June/July. Trust me, you will be amazed at the savings.

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Dr. Success (TM) -- Andrea Goeglein, Ph.D. said...

Don't forget the Southwest also. For over a decade I have been amazed that the stores in Las Vegas and Phoenix did not realize they did not need to put stuff on sale so early. Their dumbness is my gain. I now do not purchase summer stuff until July. Usually get everything I want!