At the annual Style Awards the other week, Jenn Rogien, costume designer for the new HBO hit 'Girls', won Best Costume Designer! If you haven't watched 'Girls' yet, immediately watch it. It is so fantastic and real. Everyone describes it as a realistic Sex and the City, and I would admit that to be pretty accurate. Jenn Rogien shops at thrift stores to buy most of the clothes seen on the show. The girls are supposed to be struggling, poor, NYC girls in their early 20's. Let's be realistic, the thrift store is all they can afford. The show is so well written and so well done. I highly recommend getting addicted!

Also, I would trade my first born child to meet Lena Dunham. She is easily the most talented person of our generation. No big deal that at 26 she has created, written, and starred in an amazing show on HBO. Oh wait, big deal. Her amazing talent blows me away every episode. The combination of her and Jenn Rogien, I just die.

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