Necessities for a College Girl

As a college girl on a budget, we have to figure out how to make $100 stretch to afford wine, sushi, highlights, and designer jeans. For fall, there are a few staple things that every young lady needs in her closet. Most magazines tell you what you need and leave at that, but not this fashion barista! I shall direct you where to go to their your staples!

1. A pair of skinny jeans and a pair of bell bottoms.
Skinny jeans are here to stay, and bell bottoms never go out of style. The skinnies can be worn with flats during the day, and a giant pair of pumps at night. You could definitely splurge on the jeans because you want a pair that fits right, so you can wear them all the time. My favorite new 'going out outfit' is a cute little tunic and some skinnies. When my dryer shrinks my dresses, they become the tunics to pair with my skinnies. And a pair of bell bottoms are just a staple in themselves. Take those pumps and put them under the bell bottoms and go!

These Levi's skinnies are only $54.

These True Religion bell bottoms are on sale for $115.

2. A pair of giant suede pumps.
I believe that suede pumps can be worn all year. I wear my navy suede pumps all year around. A great pair of navy pumps can be subtly worn under your bell bottoms or with your skinnies if you want to showcase your top. This is an item you should totally splurge on because you will wear these until they die.

These Jessica Simpson pumps are on sale for $60.

3. A bunch of cheap tops.
This is where you go to Forever 21 and just grab a bunch of cheap tops and run. Fun, cheap tops are a great way to express your personal style. You can rotate out the skinnies and bell bottoms with a bunch of tops, and never repeat an outfit.

And as always, stock up on cheap vintage jewelry to pair with your outfits!

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