Packing to Shop!

Thank Colonel Sanders, amen, that fall break is upon us! I will be traveling to the far away lands of Nashville for a couple of days. I am excited to visit with old friends and shop for new friends (shoes). Packing for a trip where there will be shopping is a whole different ball game. When I pack to go visit a friend for a football game/concert/holiday, I'll pack 5 outfit options for each day. When there shall be shopping involved, minimalism is key....

1. Pack 1 pair of jeans. Your favorite pair of jeans don't even fit the way you want them to until the 2nd day of wearing them, so you only need one pair.

2. Pack one less outfit than days you will be there. You will buy something and want to wear it immediately, like myself.

3. Take as little as you can!!! You will need that extra room in your suitcase for new happies (sweaters).

I literally packed for 4 days in one (and a half) bags. I'm saving that half a bag for new lovelies (scarves)!

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