Denim on Denim? Meh?

Since I was a young tot running around in butterfly clips, I was always taught that you don't wear denim jeans and a denim top together. That was a strict rule, but purple Paul Frank pants with a matching purple Paul Frank top was totes ok.

I am awfully confused as to why denim on denim is suddenly ok. Was I given wrong information as a child? Are denim suits on par with Santa and the Tooth Fairy?....or has the fashion pendulum just swung to the other side. My adult self is going to go with the latter.

Well if Miroslava Duma is doing denim on denim on denim, then it must be ok. She basically runs style and fashion, all while raising a tiny tot. You know, I don't hate it, but I don't love it. Its just one of those trends that if you don't hit it right on the money, you will end up looking confused. 

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Anonymous said...

That, my friend, is what's known as a Canadian Tuxedo.