Politically Stylish

Regardless of your political views or my political views, I am so excited to have 4 more years of Michelle Obama's perfectly classic, fantastic outfits. And to quote a woman with no political views, "I don't believe in the democratic party or the republic party, I just believe in parties" - Samantha Jones

No one does classic as well as our First Lady. Well, let me rephrase that, no one does classic like her stylist. I searched the internet high and low for the name of Michelle's stylist, and got nothing. Apparently her last known stylist was replaced last year. Feel free to comment if you know who she is working with now.

Michelle, and her stylist, aren't afraid of color or accessorizing. They make sure Michelle keeps up with a watered down version of trends, while still maintaining her classic look. The orange dress with a pop of blue in her shoes is the perfect way to keep our First Lady up to date, but still elegant. I know a few girls who could take a lesson from this woman....

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